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Qingdao Zehan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of hardware pressing, brass forging, precision automatic lathe parts and CNC numerical control lathe parts. Our company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Jimo, which enjoys long history and rich culture. We enjoy beautiful environment, great geographical location and convenient transportation, with Jiqing and Qingyin Expressway to its west, No. 308 National Highway to its east and Liuting International Airport to its south respectively.
Qingdao Zehan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of brass pipes, valves, and screw nuts used in electronic, chemical, petroleum, refrigeration, water supply, HVAC and locomotive hardware special fields with excellent industrial framework. We are strong in technology and have a complete set of advanced valve testing equipment. We have strict quality management system and stick to valve products technology standards to ensure products with stable and reliable quality. Using environment protection copper, we produce precision turning parts with different specifications, including parts used in computers, mobile phones and LCD liquid crystal TV.
Based on the management philosophy of "quality makes future, credibility builds prosperity", we have attracted various talented technology and management personnel with years of working experience since our establishment. From an extensive production company, our company has successfully turned into a high-tech company to fulfill the needs of various industries.
Our company has successfully past the ISO9001:2000 international standard quality management system to pursue perfect quality. We have advanced equipment, rich technology power and management team with high quality and efficiency to ensure pinpoint accuracy. We see to the details of every process: from materials to production; from industrial design to brand management; from project to target customers. As for the quality, we provide perfect products according to strict testing process.
Pursuing perfect quality and strictly sticking to the principle of "quality first, customer centered", we produce every product with good material, scientific design and delicate technology and gain popularity among our customers. We hope to express hearty thanks to our customers and invite more friends to work together with us to achieve common prosperity.
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